Case Study: Jarden Farms | Security Alarm


Camera’s: Making life on the farm easier all the way around!

Security Alarm designed a high definition camera system for Jarden Farms and the following are their thoughts on how the system has changed life around the farm:jardenfarms

Helping with Farm Operations: Calving area

At Christmas-time our family was 30 miles away from the farm visiting relatives. One of our newer employees was willing to stay at the farm due to the upcoming birth of one our calves. Having not only the camera system but remote viewing as well, allowed us to watch the calf being birthed while still away. I was able to talk the guy through the birthing process. I would watch for a little bit on my app and then call and talk to him and so on. I was really impressed because it allowed help for the “new guy” to have assistance and be utilized where otherwise he wouldn’t have been.

Exonerate employees and use as teaching tool

This camera system has really helped to exonerate our staff. Often an employee will say, “I did do this or I didn’t do this”. Or other employees will point fingers. The camera system has been great because it has allowed us to go back to specific incidents and see the facts. And in most cases we were able to exonerate the person instead of find them at fault. It has also been great to use as a teaching tool. You can look back at the video footage and show employees how to do some things better next time.

Keep your property safe

There was a time where we kept having the same unidentified vehicle show up on our property but we were never quite sure exactly when they would come and go. With the cameras we were able to nail down the time of day the car was there. Eventually we were able to grab a license plate number! This in turn allowed the police to track down the individual and end the whole situation.