Case Study : Mach 1 Convenience Stores | Security Alarm


High Definition Cameras: Enhancing Retail Business

Security Alarm has had the privilege of installing and servicing the camera systems in over fifteen Mach 1 convenience stores throughout Southern Illinois. When asked how these systems have been beneficial to their company, they responded that it has greatly impacted three primary areas:

Criminal Apprehension

Since the time that Meyer Oil Company installed these High Definition camera systems in their convenience stores, they have been prey to three separate robberies. All of these robberies involved the use of fire arms. Allen Meyer shared with us how grateful he was for the camera systems that were in place because thanks to the high quality, they were able to send the footage to the Police Department and apprehend the suspect in all three robberies. Had they not had the quality of cameras they did for identification purposes, they might not have been so fortunate.mach 1 store

Mach 1 has also used their cameras to apprehend criminals that were not directly involved with their company. Often the police come to them and ask to use their footage to identify a suspect that was in their store simply to make a purchase. The cameras are helpful not only for them but for others as well.

Loss Prevention

Mach 1 is far below the industry average in regards to their losses. Weekly, all of their stores undergo a detailed analysis of their inventory. They examine what’s being lost and work to pinpoint  when the loss occurred. Once they have determined the time of the event, they are able to view the incident clearly from past footage. Drive offs are a specific type of loss that the cameras work well to remedy. Strategically placed cameras allow for license plate identification in the case of an individual gassing up and driving away before payment.  Meyer Oil Co. contributes their low percentage of loss to the added benefit of a high definition camera system.

Operation management

It is a high priority of Mach 1 convenience stores that operations run smoothly. Allen Meyer expressed how they often use their cameras to ensure that their customers are being waited on promptly. They have also strategically placed cameras within their car washes in order to ensure that all of the operations within are running smoothly. Details of accidents that have taken place within the confines of the car wash can be supported or discarded based on the footage that the high definition cameras produce. Cameras enable them to have eyes where they might not otherwise have them.