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Protect Your Outbuildings Posted on July 8, 2015 by

Statistics show that a burglar is far more likely to attempt breaking and entering an outbuilding or garage before he is the house. In rural areas this is definitely so; many more outbuildings suffer loss than do houses. So then the question of “what should I do to ensure the safety of my outbuilding?” needs to be addressed.

  1. Make sure that all doors have padlocks or a heavy duty lock of some kind.
  2. Do not leave windows unlocked. Even if the window is higher off the ground, it is best to keep them locked at all times.
  3. Outdoor lighting can also be a big deterrent to crime. A burglar is far more likely to break in when covered by darkness than when spotlighted.
  4. Some suggest marking large expensive valuables with a postal code or special marking of your own.
  5. Also, take the time to lock up small items of expense in a cabinet or safe.

Everyone should follow these tips; however, the reality is that sometimes the burglary cannot be stopped. There will be times when they will find a way in. Because of this, Security Alarm highly recommends securing outbuildings with a burglar alarm system. With door sensors and motions, the intruder will NOT enter and leave undetected.

Instant Alerts

Imagine this scenario; you have sensors on the doors of your outbuilding and a motion on the inside. Let’s assume for a moment that you forgot to lock your shed door, but let’s also imagine that you did set your alarm. You’re sitting inside your home enjoying the evening, unaware that a burglar is snooping around the premises. The intruder happily discovers that the door to your shed is unlocked. As he opens the door, the sensor trips and shoots the signal back to the wireless receiver in your home. The siren sounds within your home alerting you to the current situation.farmoutbuilding

You may say that YOU would never leave your shed door unlocked; however, unfortunately there are other people in our lives that aren’t always as conscientious and careful as ourselves. And sometimes we also make mistakes. Don’t let a forgetful moment or an extremely cunning burglar get the best of you. Get that extra layer of security and protect your outbuildings.

For more information on how you can protect your outbuildings, give the security solution experts at Security Alarm a call or contact us online.

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