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Security Check List for School Administrators Posted on July 12, 2016 by

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The majority of school systems possess at least one type of fire or security system listed below. Because of this, there are some tasks that school administrators should complete before the 2016/2017 school year begins. Although these tasks will not apply to everyone, it’s a good idea to review and see what you can check off on the list:

Fire System

  • Check batteries: make sure that there is no message on your fire alarm panel that is alerting of a low system battery.
  • Check for other general messages: take a look at the alarm panel to ensure that there is not a message displayed on the screen. It’s important to ensure that your system in not in Alarm or in Trouble.
  • Check to ensure that inspections have been completed: it is important for fire alarms to be inspected with regularity. Knowing whether devices are working properly and whether or not signals are reaching the monitoring company is vital to the health of your fire system.

school safetyAccess Control

  • Termination of old users:  at the end of every school year there are nearly always some faculty or administration that will not be returning the following school year. It is important to collect the key fobs from the employees for security reasons. If key fobs cannot be collected, then at least they should be deactivated in order prevent unwarranted access to school facilities.
  • Log into software: it is important to consistently log in, connect to the doors and even run a report. Without connecting to the doors via the program, any changes such as network updates will never be applied.
  • Back up your data: backing up all of the access control data to the server is extremely important. Unfortunately we have had customers that have failed to do this and the result was disastrous. One such customer, a hospital, lost all of their data, log in information, and user codes. They were forced to manually re-enter ALL of their user information because of their failure to back the system up.


  • Focus Cameras: it is easy for cameras to become out of focus. Before the new school year begins, log into the system pull up each camera to ensure that they are cleaned and focused. It doesn’t do any good to catch an event on camera when the footage is too blurry to see.
  • Ensure Cameras are recording: from time to time it is important to verify that the DVR or NVR with your system is properly recording. There have been times when customers go back to see footage and realize that the DVR was failing to record.
  • Correct time: sometimes the time stamp on the video footage is not accurate. Periodically check to ensure that the time and date is accurate.

These are only some of the security related tasks that school administrators need to keep in mind moving forward into the next school year. At Security Alarm, we are always happy to answer any questions and help in any way we can. If you need assistance in completing any of the tasks above, please contact us online or give us a call at 618-548-5768.

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